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We are a boutique consultancy dedicated to innovative ideas

From the Aerospace industry we transfer aftermarket know-how, financial and commercial expertise into small to midsized companies

Progress is our credo: we translate ideas into convertible actions – from review to implementation – and stand for pushing boundaries, the freedom to think big and produce creative ideas.

Your team of passionate entrepreneurs with lots of experience in challenging environments complemented by a handful of selected partners


Do you need help with the creation of product value propositions or market / business strategies?


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Is your aftermarket and supply chain strategy ready for the challenges ahead of you?

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Are your assets financed smartly and utilized in the best possible manner?

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From the Aerospace industry we want to transfer aftermarket now-how, financial and commercial expertise into small to midsized companies



Competition is getting fiercer with ever lower margins and high capital expenditures. Consolidation is leading the way forcing underdogs and category leaders alike to review strategies, think out of the box and adapt business models. History shows that winners however have two things in common:

  • A thought through & innovative supply chain strategy designed to optimize asset utilization
  • A smart way to stem capital expenditures for assets such as aircraft, engines and components
  • A thought through business strategy and product value proposition well placed in the target market

Start-Ups and SMEs

Start-ups & mid-sized companies often lack resources and skillsets to structure and implement long-term development. We believe progress requires a market-driven perspective as a foundation for smart and sustainable decisions on funding and technology. We believe staying relevant in your industry and ahead of competition requires:

  • Transparency on real needs of the business model
  • Realistic strategic options that are measurable in
    respect of risk & reward
  • A well structured roadmap for execution.

A handful of selected and tested partners who complement the projects we back in various fields

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